3 Fruit Trees You Didn’t Know Have Beautiful Flowers

When it comes to fruit trees, the fruits themselves are usually the main attraction. I mean, when your backyard tree suddenly bears fruits of apples or oranges or even the bright yellow bodies of lemons, what’s the first thing you’d see? The roots? 

Fruits are something incredibly integral to our diet. With essential vitamins and nutrients packed into a delectable, pulpy flesh, fruits are as healthy to us as they are delicious; and are also incredibly versatile to prepare. Whether it’s blended into juices or prepped as a side dish or even eaten on their own, fruits offer a lovely, nutritious snack whenever we might be hungry or low on vitamins – making them one of the best things we could ever see suddenly hanging from our trees! 

But for fruit lovers who love regularly buying fresh fruit and vegetables online in Malaysia, you might be surprised to hear that fruits aren’t the only thing special about their respective fruit trees. A lot of times, fruit trees bear beautiful flowers as often as they bear delectable fruits; the former of which is often overshadowed by the excitement of harvesting the latter. So if you’re curious as to the nature of what certain fruit flowers look like, here are 3 fruit trees you didn’t know have beautiful flowers! 

1. Apple Trees 

The flowers of the apple tree are almost criminally understated; beautiful as they are in shades of white and blush pink. Often flowering in late May or April, the apple tree flowers, also known as apple flowers, are delicate, five-petaled things with wispy yellow stamens that crown the apple tree leaves in lovely speckles of white and pink. As with most plants, these flowers are ultimately what brings the apple fruit – if cross-pollination happens, usually by insects, the flowers will be fertilized and ultimately fall off; and the fruit eventually begins to grow in it’s place. 

2. Orange Trees 

The orange is a delicious, pulpy fruit that’s distinctly round in shape and makes for some great juice! But it’s not just the oranges themselves that are the stars of this tree – the cute flowers that blossom from it are, too! 

The orange tree flowers are adorable, white fragrant blossoms with five long petals; often growing in clusters around the long green leaves and the bright round fruits of the orange tree. The orange tree often buds in early winter; with tiny white buds clinging to the leaves and eventually flowering into lovely white blooms in April. Unlike the apple tree, orange tree flowers are self-fertile; meaning no cross-fertilization needs to happen for the flowers to bear fruit. And once they do – well, you’ll have a whole tree’s worth of delicious oranges to share with friends and family! 

3. Mango Trees 

The mango is a popular tropical delight with a distinctive yellow hue; though sometimes the fruit is blushed in red or green (or both!) depending on where it hails or how ripe it is. Sweet, soft, and delectable, it’s definitely a fruit worth eating on it’s own, or in salad, or even in the popular mango sticky rice – but the flowers of the mango tree are also quite a sight to behold! 

Mango tree flowers are quite different from what you’d usually expect from a flowering tree. Rather than bearing clear, distinct petals, the flowers of the mango tree grow in tight white clusters along the stems like that of a hyacinth. Each flower is tiny and almost frilly-looking, and produces a mild fragrant scent that reminds you that mangos might be on their way! Like the apple tree, mango flowers must be pollinated by insects and achieve fertilization before they can bear fruit, and very few of the flowers end up actually becoming mangos each season. Still – that only makes the sight of a burgeoning mango fruit all the more exciting! 

There are a variety of delicious fruits out there; cultivated slowly from the earth and lovingly harvested by careful hands season after season. We love to shower praise unto the healthiness and deliciousness of fruits, and they certainly deserve the compliments – but why don’t we show their beautiful flowers some love, too?