3 Of The Scariest Household Appliances You Have In Your Home Right Now

At first glance, this might seem like a pretty weird and unorthodox list. I mean – household appliances, scary? Household appliances are basically made to look and feel homey, to invite us to relax and unwind within the comforting familiarity of our own homes. And we can’t do that if we’re scared of them, can we? 

The thing is – you’re right. Household appliances are never scary on their own – it’s what the human mind can sometimes make of them that turns them into something else. An innocuous item might turn frightening if you’re in the right mindframe for a scare, and paranoia can douse even the most innocent-looking thing in a layer of the terrifying. For example, while household appliances are, as a whole, completely innocuous things which can never do us harm – there are a few which have been taken by popular media, like horror films and creepypastas, and twisted into all manner of the fearful. 

So for those who are looking to fear their own home, here are 5 of the scariest household appliances you have in your home right now. 

1. The Mirror 

The mirror is perhaps one of the most featured home appliances in horror movies. These clear surfaces reflect the world back at us, and allow us to see ourselves in either crystal clarity or slightly distorted renditions based on the quality of the mirror. These days, we use mirrors on a day-to-day basis to look at ourselves – to see how we look in our new dress, or make sure we look presentable before our first day of work. But you can’t deny there’s something intrinsically creepy about looking at a surface and seeing your own eyes staring back at you – like a portal to another world, or another self. 

In olden days, mirrors were often believed to be gateways to other dimensions. Distorted panels can make reflections look strange and unreal, and creepy stories often feature mirrors projecting reflections that aren’t actually there. All in all, mirrors are quite the terrifying household appliance – and definitely earn their place at the top of this list. 

2. The Knife 

Topping perhaps even the mirror as one of the most used home appliances in horror movies, things like kitchen knives have often featured in gory slasher flicks and gruesome murder mysteries. The kitchen knife is a tool that can bring great happiness – allowing us to chop food and prepare meals that are delectable and can bring the whole family together. But considering it’s sharp edge and cutting purposes, it can also be readily used to harm. 

A fear of knives is no unwarranted thing – it has it’s basis in reality, in fears that manifest in cutting yourself on the polished edge or accidentally hurting yourself or other people. Knives are pretty scary to hold, or even be in the proximity of someone holding them – and though you know it’s irrational, knives can be pretty dang spooky when you think about it. 

3. Operable Partition And Shower Curtain 

These two have been conflated into one listing because they both have the same element of fear to them – that is, revealing something that was previously unseen. 

Operable partitions, whether this is an operable partition in Selangor or KL or any other place, are panels that can split open or fold or part in some way to allow entrance to a previously closed room. Shower curtains, similarly, are meant to cover and uphold a showering person’s privacy at the cost of obscuring vision from and to the rest of the bathroom. Either way, there can sometimes be nothing scarier than opening an operable partition, or shoving open the shower curtain – for there’s always an inkling of uncertainty that you might see something untoward on the other side. 

Household appliances might mostly be made for the benefit of our comfort or relaxation, but there’s no denying that sometimes, they can also be incredibly scary items that can haunt our dreams for years to come. 

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