A Proper Social Media Marketing Strategy For Businesses

There are so many businesses around the world. Especially since the pandemic. The number of home based businesses by mom to full blown agencies, it is overwhelming and customers are left with endless choices. Everyone is a business man or woman in one way or the other. 

And every businessman and woman needs social media. More than that, they need a proper social media marketing strategy. The importance of a well-strategized social media plan is underrated. Businesses often overlook their need for a good social media plan before diving into their promotional plans. 

Not every business can grow on one quick giveaway and expect a huge success. That is not a definite social media plan that guarantees results and sales. A good social media plan highlights the need for a brand voice, an image, quality content creation, the conversation around the brand, the analysis of social media, insights from customers, and authenticity. 

Many solely depend on posting on random social media channels hoping for their big break rather than putting in an organized effort. A quick guideline and steps to a social media plan include:

  1. The social Media Channels To Use (Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn etc) 

You can choose 2-3 social media platforms depending on where your target audiences are. The best liver doctor in Malaysia opening a business may have his potential followers on Twitter because it’s a more educational platform. Some may be on Instagram. Instagram is great for visuals and if you are selling medicine for liver cirrhosis in Malaysia, you can easily brand yourself through engaging content on Instagram. 

  1. The Brand Message And Objectives

You need to have the objectives of social media and the message you want to communicate laid out before actually starting your social media content plan. 

  1. Showing Authenticity And Support

You want your customers to become loyal, then you need to become their loyal supporters as well. If you show authenticity and support in their choices, they are more likely to support you back and stick with the brand 

  1. Encourage engagement

Community management and engagement are necessary for any social media plan. So always be active with your followers, ask them questions and keep them engaged. 

So you know the basics of a social media plan. But you are still not convinced to have a plan? Here are some of the benefits and reasons you should consider having your own social media marketing strategy.

Improves Brand Awareness 

Social media marketing plans can help establish brand awareness much quickly and in a much more organized manner. Brand awareness is also the first step of increasing the number of leads to conversions through social media. 

Grow At An Affordable Rate 

Social media is free and some of the analytical tools and resources for social media are also free to use. Even if you have to invest you can invest in your plan with as little as ten dollars, in the beginning, to grow on later. It is an affordable way to sustainably grow. 

Develop Your Network And Increase Collaborative Opportunities

Social media is a great place to network. You can connect with other brands who are excellent and looking for collaboration opportunities. You can also look for influencers and other bloggers who can easily promote your business. Your networking is not only limited to other brands but also to customers as well. 

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