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POS hardware vendors Malaysia

What is a POS System?

Ever wonder what are devices being massively used in retail and restaurants right now for quick and easy payments? They are what business owners call a POS system. A point of sale (POS) System is the place where customers make their payments for items or services. It is considered a critical device for purchase due […]

Guide on Feeding Your Baby From a Bottle

If you only bottle-feed your baby, you should start immediately after birth. If you’re breastfeeding, however, it’s best to wait three weeks before introducing a bottle. Bottle-feeding earlier may interfere with successful breastfeeding establishment, not because of “nipple confusion”, but because your breasts may not be stimulated sufficiently to pump up supply. However, if you […]

 Shipping in Malaysia: Zero to Hero

Malaysia, one of the world’s most important maritime trading nations, has grown considerably over the years to become a worldwide commercial powerhouse. The strategic location of the Malaysian peninsula in the midst of the Asian trade routes through the Indian ocean has resulted in significant improvements in shipping and infrastructure in Malaysia. Hence, Malaysia has […]