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With so many animated 3D movies being released to theatres each year, it can be difficult to prove which movies really deserve the extra dimension for the extra viewers. Especially if you want to bring children’s action to the movies, you might be surprised to find that it’s worth putting in an extra few dollars for the 3D version.  In many cases, it’s worth paying extra dollars because the animation style lends itself naturally to 3D. The following movies are the best eye-popping examples of 3D technology used in animation.

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

DreamWorks animation has long gone beyond the 3-D revolution, so it’s no surprise that the most impressive use of technology comes from Kung Fu Panda Studios. Although they’ve put 3D to use 3D in the 2009 Monsters vs. Aliens and 2010 movies, DreamWorks’ crowd successes in the 3D division are undoubtedly the way to train the 2010 Dragons. The filming of Rolling Hills and Viking Village has forcibly increased the depth of the landscape by 3D, but it’s in the action-oriented moments that are really heard. The breathable flight sequence in this film provides a perfect example of what 3D is capable of. 

Beowulf (2007)

You could be thankful or accusing Robert Zemax for his obsession with Hollywood with 3D – you depend on your vision on the smart – as the future filmmaker effectively captures his 2004 movement back. Screenza’s Polish Express. Although the technique was relatively well used, Tom Hank’s car, Zemax ‘next film Beowulf, had never before hinted within that animated film that it took 3D to such an extent. Zemeckis and his team of animators effectively use extra dimensions to keep viewers in the middle of the hero’s action-packed universe. 

Top (2009)

Although Pixar incorporated 3D into such existing films and re-released them, you noted for the first time that the studio employed technology during the production of one of its films. While the use of 3D is not as amateur as its competitors, the above is a great example that 3D can be used to enhance and enhance the environment. As director Patty Decker says in the film’s production note, “We take a lot of elements of the same stories that we use in-depth to tell her stories in another way.

Clouds with the prospect of Fish Balls (2009)

Med Cap works particularly well in 3D with the possibility of one-time matte balls, as this film has been rated for extra dimensions which can be incorporated into its features. Based on the book by Judy and Ron Barrett, the movie follows the baked hero Flat Lock Lock (Bill Hudder) as he tries to help half of his device fall into the water. The spectacularly anticipated 3D effects are particularly noticeable in this regard as the food flies in the audience, and the hamburgers, pancakes, and (of course) the meat on the balcony traces (and, by the rain) associate.

Animated movies and anime merchandise 

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