Check This Out For Your Investment Protection


The majorities of people in our communities are probably often heard and familiar with insurance plans for family, education and also for health. But have you heard how we could actually buy an insurance plan for investment? You are probably here looking for investment-linked insurance policy Malaysia too, then worry not because this will be the right place for you. Keep reading to know more about this.

This might sound a little bit foreign for some of us as the insurance plan for investment is rarely exposed and talked about, however it has the same importance in it. By all means, AmMetLife is the best insurance provider that you could use for this kind of insurance plan. 

Everything You Have To Know About AmMetLife

Who is AmMetLife?

AmMetLife is an insurance company that appears to have a strong and promising cooperation between AMMB Holdings Berhad (AmBank Group) and MetLife International Holdings. In general, AmMetLife is renowned as an insurance provider due to their extensive coverage of all insurance products for their consumers. It includes the following:

  • Insurance plan for family:

This includes family protection, credit related and also the family financial goals.

  • Insurance plan for health:

This includes the hospitalisation, the critical illness cover and also any medical or checkups. 

  • Insurance plan for future:

This includes the wealth protection, the investment-linked funds protection and also the protection for your lifestyle.

  • Group-life insurance:

This includes an insurance plan for the employee benefits at work.

Why AmMetLife has the best insurance plan for investment?

AmMetLife, as an insurance provider, will ensure that its clients get the greatest and most up-to-date information on fund pricing on their website. If you are just getting started with investing, AmMetLife can assist you in selecting and evaluating the best fund for you. Aside from that, they will supply you with solid assessments on the fund performance as well as a summary of the funds. Isn’t it fantastic?

The different types of investments that we have

Basically, there are severals types of investment that we have acknowledge, which they are:

  • The broad investment.

This type of investments are actually more compatible for those who are planning to invest for a long time period that are able and can handle the ups and downs of the market level.

  • The shares investment:

This investment is frequently referred to as an investment that will continue to increase over time. If you own stock in a corporation, you will profit from the dividend paid to all shareholders. This form of investment may be a little dangerous for the investors.

  • The property investment:

This investment can be considered as the broad or growth investment as we are well aware of how the properties’ values could actually increase from time to time. However, it is also risky as sometimes the values could be decreasing.

  • The low risk investment:

These are less risky than growth investments since they are more focused on delivering consistent income rather than growth.

  • The cash investment:

Cash investments include checking accounts, high-yield savings accounts, and term deposits. They usually have the lowest potential returns of any investment category.

  • The fixed interest investment:

Bonds are the most well-known sort of fixed-income investment. Bonds are simply when governments or firms borrow money from investors and pay them a rate of interest in exchange.