Chemical Storage Cabinets- Maintenance and Safety.

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Chemical storage is the process of storing controlled substances or hazardous substances. Chemical storage units are present in workspaces that deal with hazardous as well as non hazardous substances. Proper  chemical storage in wet labs is essential for the safety of the researchers and scientists working in the said lab. The chemicals have to be stored in temperature controlled cabinets in order to prevent cross contamination and fires. 

Chemical storage cabinets are used to store small vials of hazardous and toxic chemicals in the workspace for easy access to the said chemicals. These cabinets are made of materials that are impervious to the chemicals that have been stored in it. The cabinets are designed in such a way that they can prevent damage, leakage, and spills. This effect is achieved by installing a tray in the cabinets. 

Proper labelling of chemicals is imperative while the chemicals are being stored and non compatible chemicals must never be stored together in order to prevent harmful reactions. Chemicals with similar reactivity must be stored together. 

Guidelines that Wet Labs need to Follow in Order to Maintain Proper Chemical Storage. 

  • Ascertain that the chemicals are properly labelled and the hazardous warnings are visible on the bottles. 
  • Separate all the incompatible chemicals according to the hazard class for proper storage. 
  • Never store chemicals alphabetically. 
  • Flammable chemicals must be stored in non-flammable cabinets. 
  • Chemicals need to be stored at eye level and not higher than the eye level. Never place chemicals on the top shelf of the cabinet. 
  • Do not overcrowd the shelves. 
  • Always have an anti-slip tray attached underneath each shelf.
  • Avoid storing chemicals on the floor. 
  • Never keep chemicals in areas of the lab that experience heavy foot traffic. 
  • Liquid based chemicals should be stored in shatter proof beakers that are double layered. 
  • Acids must have a special cabinet dedicated to the storage of acids only. 
  • The storage of highly toxic materials and chemicals must be carried out away from the rest of the chemicals and acids. 
  • All ethers must be properly dated upon being received by the lab. 

The storage cabinets need to be up to the standard and cannot be damaged in any way. The damage can cause unwanted and hazardous reactions. 

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Here are Some Abnormalities to Look for in the Storage cabinets

  1. Leaking containers. 
  2. Deteriorating containers. 
  3. Improper storage of chemicals. 
  4. Spilled chemicals. 
  5. Extreme temperatures. 
  6. Improper lighting. 
  7. Blocked aisles due to overcrowding of chemicals. 
  8. Proper door safety and security. 
  9. Lack of maintenance. 
  10. Damaged or absent fire safety equipment. 
  11. Improper labelling and missing information. 

Safety Tips for Wet Labs. 

  • Always have first aid kits, eye wash stations, and fire safety equipment close by and in easily accessible spaces. 
  • Store chemicals in explosion proof fridges with powerful seals and magnetized doors. 
  • All the chemicals that are stored in the wet lab, especially the combustible ones, must be kept away from direct heat and sunlight. 

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