Creating A Good Logo To Elevate The Brand Image

What’s the first thing we see when we look at the multi-billion dollar technology company, Apple? Is it the half-eaten apple or is it the very detailed vision and mission statement on the website? 

Your answer is most probably, the logo. Much like everything else in the world, people need a face to everything. That also includes our business. If we tell them a story, we start by describing the people, their features, attitude, and perhaps even with a little backstory of the people. We give details but, it is a summarized detail. Our attention span is short and we like information but in the sweetest and shortest way possible. 

A logo does a great job at delivering information in the most loving and shortest way possible too. The information a logo gives includes the kind of business you do, what kind of a brand you are, the energy and vibe of your brand, and the message spread through your branding. THis may seem like a lot of information one can get from a logo , but this is not even half of it. When we look at a person, the first thing we see is their appearance. We may not notice the intricate details of their face and appearance but one good look is enough to have an understanding. The accessories, clothes and makeup give us a good indication of the type of person we are conversing with. Depending on our first look, and how good it was, it can become a long lasting memory as well. 

The purpose of a brand logo is similar and its implication is similar to the first look we have of a person too. The brand logo is the first thing people see and this is where they form their first impression of the brand. So how can you make sure you have the logo to create the most memorable first impression among your consumers? 

Choosing A Good Typography 

What good is a brand logo made out of a horrible font and typography? People underestimate the power of typography. Every curvature and bend on the letters we write have an impact on the overall visual of the logo. And the visuals have an even bigger impact on the brand identity we cultivate using the visuals. So always choose the type of typography that suits the brand values you have. Are you establishing a preloved clothes brand? Then you can try to make your glog to fit the brand image by utilizing a retro and vintage typography. If you are creating a toy brand, then your logo fonts must also have the hint of playfulness. 

Resonate With The Brand Image 

Does the brand image match the logo you made? If you made a playful logo for a brand that preaches luxury, then you may be sending a wrong mixed message to your consumers. A luxury brand deserves a logo that speaks and preaches the premium-ness of the luxury brand. Imagine the look of Dior with a logo that looks like it belongs on an M&M packet. It simply does not sit well with the target audience nor will it do a job at attracting the right type of customers.

Don’t forget to invest a little bit of your time and money in a good logo with the help of reputable branding service Malaysia. A good logo pays off well for our branding strategy.