Guide on Feeding Your Baby From a Bottle

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If you only bottle-feed your baby, you should start immediately after birth. If you’re breastfeeding, however, it’s best to wait three weeks before introducing a bottle. Bottle-feeding earlier may interfere with successful breastfeeding establishment, not because of “nipple confusion”, but because your breasts may not be stimulated sufficiently to pump up supply. However, if you wait too long, the baby may reject the unfamiliar bottle in favor of the breast because that’s what she’s become accustomed to.

Some babies take to the bottle like a fish to water, while others require a little more practice (and coaxing) to get sucking down to a science. These bottle-feeding tips will assist you in getting started. If you are looking to buy baby bottles, click here on baby bottle online malaysia to purchase.

  1. Prepare the bottle
  • If you’re serving formula, carefully follow the preparation instructions on the canister. If you are not using a ready-made formula, different formulas may require different ratios of powder or liquid concentrate to water. Adding too much or too little water could be hazardous to the health of your newborn.
  • Warm the bottle by placing it in a bowl or pot of hot water for a few minutes, or by using a bottle warmer. If your baby prefers a cold drink, you can skip the warming step entirely. You should never microwave a bottle because it can cause uneven hot spots, which can burn your baby’s mouth.
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  1. Test the bottle
  • Before you begin feeding, shake formula-filled bottles and gently swirl breast milk bottles, then test the temperature by pouring a few drops on the inside of your wrist to tell you if it’s too hot. You’re good to go if the liquid is lukewarm.
  1. Get into a comfortable bottle-feeding position
  • You’ll probably be sitting with your baby for at least 20 minutes, so sit back and relax. With the crook of your arm, support your baby’s head at a 45-degree angle, with her head and neck aligned. Keep a pillow by your side to rest your arm on so it doesn’t get tired.
  • Keep the bottle at an angle rather than straight up and down as you feed the baby. Holding the bottle at an angle allows milk to flow more slowly, giving your baby more control over how much she takes in and potentially preventing coughing or choking. It also helps her avoid inhaling too much air, lowering the risk of unpleasant gas.
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  1. Do a nipple check
  • Observe how your baby looks and sounds as she sips during the feeding. If your baby makes gulping and sputtering sounds during feedings and milk dribbles out of the corners of her mouth, the bottle nipple flow is probably too fast.
  • If she appears to be sucking very hard and appears frustrated, the flow may be too slow. If this is the case, loosen the cap slightly (a tight cap can create a vacuum) or try a different nipple.

Babies respond and adapt differently to bottle-feeding. The one constant is that you’re adorable and growing! Your baby will get used to it and will soon be taking the bottle like a pro.