How Your Body Changes After Giving Birth

mother care products Malaysia
mother care products Malaysia
With the help of mother care products Malaysia, your journey to recovery will be easier.

Many people will say that pregnancy and giving birth is a beautiful miracle and, they are correct. This two thing is the most beautiful thing that happens because you are creating a life in your body, nothing can beat such miracle like that. However, your body will have to go through many changes during and also after the pregnancy and that is completely normal. You are not always going to have that pregnancy glows and that is okay. Different bodies went through different changes during and also after the pregnancy. 

mother care products Malaysia
mother care products Malaysia

Giving birth can be a wild experience for your physical, mental, and emotions. That is why mothers that just gave birth need plenty of rest to recover from the event, and through recovery, your body will go through a couple of changes that are completely fine and normal. Here are some changes that will happen to your body right after giving birth. 

Swelling Breast 

A few days after giving birth, your body will start to produce breast milk on its own. During this time your breast will be swelling and that swelling can be uncomfortable. You will need some time to adjust to the new changes and after some time the swelling will be good on its own. To ease the discomfort you can compress it using a warm or cold towel on your breast area. And if your nipple starts to get sore during breastfeeding you can use a nipple cream, to soothe the pain. 


During pregnancy, some hormones will spike up in your body and this might cause your face to get affected by it. You can get pimples, dry patches, uneven skin tone or maybe swelling in your face. Don’t be worried, because most of the time right after giving birth your face will change to its normal way, it might take some time. If you are concern about the changes in your face you can go and get a consult from a dermatologist to know what products suit you the best. 

Hair Loss

Pregnancy glow can cause your hair to grow thicker and longer, it will also make your hair looks super glowy and healthy. However, after giving birth you will experience hair loss and that is completely normal. No need to be alarm by it because it is a part of the motherhood journey. The hair loss is due to the low level of the hormone after giving birth and that is why you will experience hair loss. 


After such a big event on your body, you will be in such pain. You will need to be extra careful with your movement and your activities because you do not want to end up at the hospital with open stitches. Your doctor will tell you that you need a lot of fluid in your body and you have to listen to them, you will be dehydrated especially if you are breastfeeding. To avoid constipation that can cause extra pain in your pelvic area drinking a lot of water can help that. Besides, drinking a lot of fluids you will also need to eat high-fiber food. 

Giving birth is indeed a scary moment but the second you meet eye to eye with your baby it will all be worth it. The changes that you will go through are completely normal and you don’t have to be insecure about it. Get help if you need to and speak up about your worries, there will be a lot of support for you. With the help of mother care products Malaysia, your journey to recovery will be easier.