Making The Best Of The Apartment For Rent Kota Kinabalu

Allocating the property to short-term rentals is also a possible choice, but always considering what is the demand for tourist rental in the city.

In this case the advice is if you have to buy a house for investment not to take an apartment that is not very versatile (such as a micro local suitable only for stays of a few nights) in order not to tie the target of potential tenants exclusively to a category. As for the type of property, certainly the cut that is the most popular are two bedrooms two bathrooms from 60 to 80 square meters. For the apartment for rent Kota Kinabalu the choices are wide now.

What if you already have the house?

If the property to be used as an investment is already owned by you, the expert’s suggestion is to do the reverse reasoning that is to carefully evaluate a series of parameters. Therefore, do an analysis of the territory without focusing on a type of tenant; evaluate the conditions of the property, where it is located and the target to which it can refer. If it is located in a place like the historic center inaccessible by car – it is unlikely that it can be rented to families, vice versa, an apartment in the suburbs is not of interest to a university student. Once these arguments have been made, it is possible to move on to the next step, that is a possible renovation or to the furniture if you intend to condo for rent Kota Kinabalu it already furnished.

What interventions to carry out?

The first recommendation of the architect is to make sure that the building is in line with the regulations, starting with the electrical system and continuing with the water heater or any boiler. For this reason, the advice is to contact a technician who has the skills to direct us.

Instead, to make the property more attractive and consequently rent it faster, a little trick is the overlapping of the floor. In fact, the main things that people look at when they are looking for a rental apartment are the floors, the walls and ultimately the bathrooms. 

A tip from the house designer, therefore, is to freshen up the walls and the floor that can be remodeled in an economical way with a simple overlap (also of laminate, which has a decidedly limited cost or porcelain stoneware). The bathrooms, on the other hand, can also be arranged with reduced expenses by changing a sink and installing a more attractive piece of furniture or replacing a curtain with a shower cubicle.

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