Post-pregnancy: How to take care of yourself?

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You can get stretch marks around your belly, thighs, breasts, and buttocks. The stretch marks occur when there is tension on your skin.

The amount of things mothers go through during pregnancy is indescribable. Cravings, nauseous, unstable sleeping patterns, and many more. After the arrival of your little one, there will be joy and relief for you to exist in a new environment. Now, the things you do after the pregnancy are very important. Mothers with the happiness around your little one’s arrival, do not forget to take care of yourself. There are a few things you can take note of yourself which will be stated in this article. 

stretch mark cream for pregnancy Malaysia

Plenty of rests

The pregnancy period would have been on a rollercoaster with your baby in your belly. In those times, it would have been hard to take some rest whenever you want with the unbalanced sleeping patterns. After the baby’s arrival, you need to take care of the baby to feed, play, change the napkins and bathe them. Besides those times, newborns are required to sleep for more hours for them to be healthy. It is better for parents to sleep or take some rest for themselves. You can have some time for yourself with the baby sleeping in another room or next to you. It is also advisable to buy a baby monitor if your baby is sleeping in a separate room. You can keep an eye on them while also having some resting time. 

Discomforts in your breasts

Mothers who are breastfeeding their babies will know the amount of discomfort they can get from it. The constant breastfeeding would cause their breast to swell or can get sore which can also be called engorgement. Sometimes, the baby can find it hard to latch on the breast which will make the feeding harder. When you have breasts full of milk, it will make the shape too flat which may be the reason for the baby not being able to latch on the breast. In those times, you can push the milk towards the nipple with your finger for the baby to latch on your breast. 

Stretch marks

Regardless of the type of pregnancy, when your belly expands or flattens after the baby’s arrival, your skin tends to have some stretch marks on your body. You can get stretch marks around your belly, thighs, breasts, and buttocks. The stretch marks occur when there is tension on your skin. There are also many other reasons for pregnant women to get stretch marks. 

  • It is in your genetics – If your mother or grandmother had stretch marks during their pregnancy. You tend to get stretch marks during your pregnancy based on your genetics. 
  • Hormones- Your hormones may decide whether you are going to get stretch marks. The hormone called adrenal glands can affect the elasticity of your skin which will cause stretch marks around your body. Hence, your hormone levels can largely affect your tendency to get stretch marks. 

So how to take care of that? You can buy stretch mark cream for pregnancy in Malaysia. You can apply an appropriate amount of the cream to make your stretch marks go away.