The Greatest Bass Guitarist of All Time

Although the spotlight is mostly on the lead vocalist and lead guitarist, the backbone of the band remains the bass player. The bass player connects the entire band together as one. He is in sync with the drummer, helping to connect the beat and rhythm of the song from the drums to melodies and harmonies provided by the vocals and guitars. If you are interested in getting your own bass guitar, we have a wide collection of them!

Bass players are very crucial in the band. Without them, the songs would sound dead and empty, as if there was no flow in the band. Through generations, many outstanding and brilliant bassists have come and gone, but very few have stood out outside of their bands due to their unique sounds and skills.  Here is a list of some of the greatest bassists in the world of music, most of whom we have been listening to for a very long time at our homes in G Residen, Pantai Hillpark and Seni Mont Kiara

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John Paul Jones

He may not have been in the limelight as much as his bandmates might have been, but Jones was the backbone of the sound of one of the most powerful rock bands of all time; Led Zeppelin. He was not only skilled in bass guitar and pianos, but also in musical arrangements. As a member of Led Zeppelin, he was integral in giving their sound a sophisticated touch but at the same time having the powerful rock energy that would go on to become a very influential sound for all the upcoming bands.

He has been responsible for shifting between time signatures and coming up with bass lines that would go on to become a unique and signature sound for Led Zeppelin. 

Even after their disbandment, Jones showed no signs of taking a break or slowing down. He formed a supergroup with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Queens of Stone Age frontman Josh Homme called Them Crooked Vultures and worked on a couple solo projects to take his music further.

Geezer Butler

Geezer Butler could easily be credited to inventing the sound of bass riffs for heavy metal. If it weren’t for him, heavy metal would not have the sound it has today. He was one of the first bassists to use a wah pedal and to tune down his bass guitar to match Toni Iommi’s down tunings. He has written many of Black Sabbath’s tracks taking interest from topics such religions, science-fictions, horror and fantasy among many other dark themes. He became a major inspiration to many bassists like Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton of Metallica, Rex Brown from Pantera and John Myung from Dream Theatre to name a few.

Paul McCartney

When talking about the greatest bassist of all time, Paul McCartney cannot be overlooked. As a member of one the biggest bands of all time, The Beatles, McCartney was flawless in his skills, as his sense of melody gave the band’s sound that extra flavor. McCartney uses a plectrum more often than playing with fingers and does not use the slap technique. Thus, his ability to play the bass rhythmically as well as a lead bass is incomparable. McCartney’s playing style can be described as creative and inventive with the way he comes up with melodies and how well they mix within the sound of every other instrument. Moreover, McCartney can also play the keyboard, sing and drums. Replicas of McCartney’s famed guitar can be purchased from music stores in KL such as Bentley Music Bukit Bintang, within the vicinity of Seni Mont Kiara condo for rent and property Bangsar south Pantai Hillpark

Steve Harris

Founder of one of the biggest heavy metal bands, Iron Maiden, and their primary songwriter, Steve Harris is undeniably an incredible bassist. He uses the galloping technique where he plays eight-note gallops which are followed by a sixteenth note galloping bass rhythm. He plays this with two fingers rather than a plectrum. He has a unique way of playing, a style he taught himself. His bass tone is very unique, resembling more rhythm guitars than bass. His influences come from progressive rock of the 1970s era. Bands such as Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Genesis as well as bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. 

John Entwistle

Unlike most bass players who may be overshadowed by the lead vocalist or lead guitarist, Entwistle would be flashy and loud, the latter he was infamous for. He was not one to stand as a back performer. He would play the bass like a lead instrument that would give it an extra power, which would often outdo the lead guitarists. His playing speed and crunch sound and style would later go on to influence the sound of heavy metal. Entwistle has been influential to a vast range of bassists from Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler to Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris to Chris Squire of Yes and many others. His playing incorporates all sorts of styles, including both fingerpicking and a plectrum. He also uses the tapping technique, as well as incorporates harmonics into his playing. 

If you’re interested to know more great bassist, you can watch this video below:

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