The Multi-functions Of Wax Emulsions

Wax Emulsion Functions As A Binder In Pottery Production 

During the production of ceramic products, maintaining the strength, compressive properties, bending strength and fracture strength of ceramic blanks is closely related to the effect of the binder because, during the ceramic injection moulding process, the wax emulsion malaysia as a ceramic binder can be evenly mixed with the powder and heated to play the role of lubrication, so that the powder has good fluidity, injection moulding a complete blank, while the binder (wax emulsion) can play a role in maintaining the shape of the blank after injection moulding and during degreasing. This is why wax emulsions can replace clay as a ceramic binder.

With the increasing quality requirements of ceramic products, water-based wax emulsions malaysia, which is organic polymer binders, are gradually being used in the production of ceramics. As the wax emulsion has the characteristics of non-volatility, good dispersion, uniform film laying, good lubrication, good fluidity and permeability, adhesion, no metal impurities, etc., the application of wax emulsion in the production process of ceramics can not only improve the fluidity of the powder and the release of the injection pieces but also improve the denseness of the injection pieces and the strength of the raw billet.

Wax Emulsions For Brightening Paint Films

Wax emulsions malaysia in paint or ink do not contain any volatile substances, they are green, environmentally friendly, and have high hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, scratch and friction resistance, and have not only an increased gloss effect but also a matt effect. Wax emulsions react with film-forming substances to form a layer of hardness, good abrasion resistance, transparency, scratch resistance, friction resistance, good gloss and good feel on the surface of the paint film without affecting the levelling, improving the surface properties of printing inks and paint films and are widely used in paints, inks, water-based varnishes; wax water for shoe chemistry; leather finishing agents; textile printing pastes; water-based wood paints, water-based emulsion paints, etc.

Wax Emulsions In The Printing Industry 

Water-based ink coating formulations often include a variety of low molecular, high melting point wax powder or wax emulsion, the main purpose is to enhance the thermal transfer process so that the surface of the coating has a rich feel, wear and scratch resistance matting, degassing and texturing effect, because in the water-based ink system, the wax molecules can play a bonding effect, and wax molecules can be adsorbed on the ink filler particles, and can be transferred to the uppermost layer of the coating to prevent the coating from sticky and return to the sticky situation, and will not affect the overall levelling of water-based ink, to solve the coating surface pinholes, craters and other problems.