The Secret Of Time Fibre Internet

unifi 800mbps package

With normal use, even a little greedy, a student in Malaysia will normally never need 400 Mbps. For a family, it’s different. The unifi 800mbps package usage offers the best quality.

unifi 800mbps package

Let’s Take An Example

Your household has four members, two parents and two teenagers. Each has at least two screens (smartphone / tablet and computer). In the evening, everyone is connected at the same time. Your teen uses the internet to stream Twitch and play on a network. You are watching a series on Netflix as a romantic while half telecommuting from the sofa. Your youngest hangs out on Facebook and YouTube while listening to Spotify. By doing a quick calculation, we quickly reach 110 Mbps, to which we always add a small margin, these data being relatively variable. In theory, this home would therefore need 130 Mpbs for everything to be functional, without anyone complaining because “frankly, there are enough of the internet!”.

In practice, if we generally need 100 to 150 Mbps, sometimes we need 400 Mbps. If the demand grows, you need to download vacation photos, programs or updates, it will blow up. What to do then? Better to prevent than to cure, and therefore to see more broadband in terms of flow when subscribing to a Pack with internet.

How To Calculate Your Internet Connection Speed

The best way to know your current internet speed to see if it corresponds to your use is to test it again! You may need to consider a raise if you are planning a career in esports, or arrange a family split to suit your available speed if things are dragging around at home.

To check the speed and performance of your internet connection, all you have to do is do a “speed test”. This simple test will take you 4 seconds thanks to the Speedtest VOO developed in collaboration with Ookla, world leader in this field.

What Are The Factors That Impact Internet Connection Speed And How To Boost It

Your speed is not at the top? Note that it depends in particular on your computer installation (the older the devices, the slower it will go), your internal cabling and your modem. Good to know: the speeds announced by the operators are speeds accessible in connection with an Ethernet cable, which is always better and more stable. In wifi connection, the speeds reached are likely to be lower.