What Kemaman, Terengganu is famous for?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of famous places in Terengganu? Perhentian Island and Redang Island always come to mind first, but besides that, what are there more in Terengganu?

Here are a bunch of random lists that Kemaman, Terengganu is famous for.



Hai Peng Kopitiam

This Kopitiam Shop is known for its tasty coffee, nasi dagang bungkus, charcoal toasted bread, and buns. Hai Peng Kopitiam has carried its legacy ever since 1940 when the business established. Its reason to be famous is because of the aromatic coffee that they make. Usually, it will have a  huge crowd even on the weekdays. The coffee shop is owned and run solemnly by a Chinese family for generations, providing delightful food to the community in Kemaman.

Steven’s Coffee House

Steven’s Coffee house is a classic restaurant, they provide Nasi Minyak, Nasi Dagang, Keropok Lepok, Tom Yam Curry, Chicken Chop, and many more. Steve’s Coffee House is not famous for its fanciness but for its simplicity yet its delicious meals. This restaurant was actually rebranded from a previous restaurant around 2008 and ever since it has been growing. This restaurant is also owned and run by a Chinese family.

Far Haus Cafe

If you are wondering about a western food restaurant, they have Far Haus Cafe, tuck somewhere in the wild.  Far Haus cafe provides mouth-watering food with an affordable price range. Western food such as roasted chicken, grilled lamb shoulder, spaghetti, and even coffee dessert. You can go to this restaurant after a long day at the beach, its the best spot.

Tourism Spot 

Monica Bay

Monica Bay is also known as Pantai Teluk Mak Nik just located 15 minutes from Bandar Chukai Kemaman. This place has magnificent scenery for you to enjoy and relax. You go on a road trip with your family and friends to have a relaxing and refreshing breeze from the South China Sea. There are food stalls and food trucks for you to buy food and sit under the tree while being mesmerized by the view.

Kemamn District Museum

A perfect place for you to learn history and culture. It is very easy to locate the museum since it is located on the main road. This museum is actually small but even though it is limited, it is definitely a place to kill your time. The admission fee is free and it is a two-floor building. The first floor is all about Kemaman’s history and on the second floor they exhibit the local heroes in the literature religion and handicraft sector.


Abah agency

Abah agency is a well-known shipping company that was established in 2001, Abah agency Sdn. Bhd. The main HQ is in Kemaman and the company operates in the Wholesale Trade Industry. The agency service requires the arrangement of locally-based and overseen add up to administrations and organizations. Abah Agency has procured the essential permit from the authorities and government offices to function as “Shipping and Forwarding Agents” for local and worldwide businesses. This company is one of the companies that initially endowed to supply logistics.

Ben Line Agency

Ben Line Agency has been working and striving for more than 150 years.Ben Line Agency was established in Malaysia in 1950. Its can also be considered as one of the old and best shipping company in Kemaman. Ben Line Agency has built the largest on the ground network, with more than 120 offices accress16 different countries.

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