Why Do More and More Young People Prefer Renting?

Pulau Indah(Pulau Lumut)
But now more and more young people have changed their mind, no longer obsessed with buying a house, and prefer to live in a rented house.

The old generation’s obsession with buying a house is very deep, thus many people spend their whole life rushing about for a house. When they get old, the mortgage is finally repaid, which is equivalent to spending their whole life in poverty. But now more and more young people have changed their mind, no longer obsessed with buying a house, and prefer to live in a rented house. So, why do more and more young people prefer to rent to live nowadays?

First of all, young people choose to rent rationally. Young people have changed the traditional view that owning a house is the only way to enjoy a good life, and treat renting rationally. Before he bought a house, he lived a free life and could buy whatever he wanted. But after he bought a house, he was really constrained every month. He didn’t dare to buy anything, go out for dinner or play. Facing the living pressure brought by buying a house, many people do not want to reduce the quality of life and choose not to be a mortgage slave. They generally believe that renting a house can make life easier.

In addition, young people advocate quality rental housing, which focuses on life experience. With the rapid development of the housing rental service industry, there are many platforms, and the supply of houses is increasing, so there are many choices for renters. Renters can live in a variety of styles of houses and experience different lives. In particular, the young people born after 1995 live in the era of material abundance, they pay more attention to the quality of the house, decoration style, life services and other living experience. They prefer to follow the trend and show their individuality, rather than live a cookie-cutter life and insist on living their own style.

Pulau Indah(Pulau Lumut)

Moreover, young people prefer diligent rental housing. Young people love freedom more, love to enjoy delicate life, they generally manage life carefully, love life, and pay attention to life interests. In the rented house, they are free to live as they like. For example, the living environment in Pulau Indah(Pulau Lumut) attracts many people to live there. What’s more, many people don’t have fixed jobs and spend more than half of the year moving between cities. Renting or buying is all about having a place to live. Therefore, renting a house is more convenient for the nature of one’s job. If one buys a house, it becomes a burden when one can’t take the house away from the city because of work adjustment. Therefore, renting a house becomes more flexible.

Furthermore, young people support convenient rental housing. The development of the Internet platform enables young people to rent a satisfactory house without leaving home. They can directly complete the process of booking and paying fees online with their fingers on their mobile phones, which greatly reduces the time of renting a house and increases the scale of life. Unlike the original rent, you need to go out to visit the house, and it is difficult to find a satisfactory house. It is precisely because of the change of concept and the development of new things that the lifestyle of young people has been changed. Renting has become the mainstream choice to solve the housing problem.

In any case, when you choose to rent or buy, you are choosing a different lifestyle. Being happy is the most important thing in our lives.